Stephen Bird: Ending the Stigma of Sexual Abuse

By Sarah E. Murphy For as long he can remember, Stephen Bird has lived a lie. Now, at age 53, he’s finally ready to speak the truth. Steve and I first connected in October 2018, when he was referred to me by our mutual friend, and my fellow Falmouth writer, Joanne Gartner, about the prospectContinue reading “Stephen Bird: Ending the Stigma of Sexual Abuse”

Labor Day Blues: Moving On

By Sarah E. Murphy I recently stumbled on the following essay I wrote a few weeks into my first semester at Bridgewater State College (now University), in the Fall of 1990, for one of Professor Maureen Connolly’s writing classes. I don’t remember the exact assignment, but it details the day my parents drove me toContinue reading “Labor Day Blues: Moving On”