Fighting at Fifty: Abortion in America

By Sarah E. Murphy I was born in 1972, one year before Roe v. Wade, when abortion in America was illegal. I never imagined I’d spend sleepless nights at age fifty worrying about my nieces’ reproductive freedom. But then again, I never imagined I’d need an abortion. When I celebrated my milestone birthday last March,Continue reading “Fighting at Fifty: Abortion in America”

To Know Greg Motta: Reflections on a Friendship

By Sarah E. Murphy It was September of 1990, my freshman year at Bridgewater State College.  I was 18, and he had just turned 21. Although he was a junior, he was a year older than his BSC classmates, having graduated from New Bedford High School in ’87. He was also a commuter, who droveContinue reading “To Know Greg Motta: Reflections on a Friendship”

Happy Heavenly Birthday: My Father’s Legacy

By Sarah E. Murphy June 27, 2022. A cool and rainy grey day. Celtic vibes on Cape Cod. My dad’s favorite.  The kind he’d spend writing in his upstairs office, the bedroom Courtney and I once shared when we were small, after moving full-time from Newton to our magical Falmouth summer home. The window overlookingContinue reading “Happy Heavenly Birthday: My Father’s Legacy”