Out of the Shadows: Abortion in America

By Sarah E. Murphy It’s been just over a year since I stopped hiding. Since I said, and wrote, the words that have always been barely beneath the surface. I had an abortion. My decision to speak out right before the 2020 Presidential election was years in the making. Twenty-five, to be exact. A physicalContinue reading “Out of the Shadows: Abortion in America”

Silver Lining: Stephen Bird and Cape Cod Marathon Feed Falmouth

Text and Photos by Sarah E. Murphy While Stephen Bird was busy last week preparing his signature soup and clam chowder for the Cape Cod Marathon, he had no idea how much those efforts would be appreciated, not just by the running community, but the town of Falmouth in general. After a one-year hiatus inContinue reading “Silver Lining: Stephen Bird and Cape Cod Marathon Feed Falmouth”

Stephen Bird: Ending the Stigma of Sexual Abuse

By Sarah E. Murphy For as long he can remember, Stephen Bird has lived a lie. Now, at age 53, he’s finally ready to speak the truth. Steve and I first connected in October 2018, when he was referred to me by our mutual friend, and my fellow Falmouth writer, Joanne Gartner, about the prospectContinue reading “Stephen Bird: Ending the Stigma of Sexual Abuse”