Abortion in America: A Woman’s Right

By Sarah E. Murphy In 2020 America, we’re celebrating a century of women’s suffrage while simultaneously defending a woman’s right to govern her body. The Margaret Atwood allusions became tired long ago. Throughout this election cycle, women and their families have also been forced to defend the most difficult medical and emotional decision imaginable –Continue reading “Abortion in America: A Woman’s Right”

Labor of Love: Honoring Chase Soares

Text and Photos by Sarah E. Murphy The life of Chase R. Soares ended far too soon, but his family is making certain that his legacy lives forever.  Since Chase’s tragic passing at the age of 23 last February, his mother, Brooke Lopes DeBarros has navigated her grief by focusing on the bright light herContinue reading “Labor of Love: Honoring Chase Soares”

Survivor Spotlight: David O’Regan Leads With Compassion

By Sarah E. Murphy David O’Regan used to hide from his past. Facing it has become part of his healing. David and I connected on Facebook in the summer of 2019, and although we’ve never met in person, I consider myself lucky to call him a friend. I always look forward to his thoughtful posts,Continue reading “Survivor Spotlight: David O’Regan Leads With Compassion”