Casino by the Sea

Poetry and Photography by Sarah E. Murphy/Copyright 2002 I loved venturing up the boardwalk to Under the Sun sandy bare feet slapping against hot planks to fill brown paper bags with fireballs and bulls’ eyes.  I’d always stop and peer in the windows wanting to know if it matched my mind’s eye women in pastelContinue reading “Casino by the Sea”

She Learns: Empowering Girls in Uganda

By Sarah E. Murphy The Fourth of July is now a memory, and my husband and I have been in quarantine since before St. Patrick’s Day. While we’ve slowly but surely been getting out a bit more as the months creep by, the global pandemic persists. As I write this, it’s a flawless summer day,Continue reading “She Learns: Empowering Girls in Uganda”

The Island Queen Creates Ripple of Change with Cape Cod’s First Seabin

By Sarah E. Murphy The Island Queen is making waves and taking strides to promote clean waters with the purchase and installation of the “Seabin,” Cape Cod’s very first floating trash bin. The device is part of a global initiative founded in Australia by two avid water lovers committed to reducing trash with the endContinue reading “The Island Queen Creates Ripple of Change with Cape Cod’s First Seabin”