Survivor Spotlight: David O’Regan Leads With Compassion

By Sarah E. Murphy David O’Regan used to hide from his past. Facing it has become part of his healing. David and I connected on Facebook in the summer of 2019, and although we’ve never met in person, I consider myself lucky to call him a friend. I always look forward to his thoughtful posts,Continue reading “Survivor Spotlight: David O’Regan Leads With Compassion”

She Learns: Empowering Girls in Uganda

By Sarah E. Murphy The Fourth of July is now a memory, and my husband and I have been in quarantine since before St. Patrick’s Day. While we’ve slowly but surely been getting out a bit more as the months creep by, the global pandemic persists. As I write this, it’s a flawless summer day,Continue reading “She Learns: Empowering Girls in Uganda”

Heroes in the Light: Honoring #AllSurvivorsDay

By Sarah E. Murphy November 3 is #AllSurvivorsDay, an international day recognizing survivors of sexual abuse wherever it occurs – at home, school, church, the military, on college campuses and sports teams – with the goal of bringing awareness and change by shedding light on the widespread nature of the issue. Since I began my investigationContinue reading “Heroes in the Light: Honoring #AllSurvivorsDay”